Weekend Arrivals!

Wondering if it’s worth the trip to Vintage Home this weekend? The answer is “Yes!” (and not just because they’re paying me to say that–its really true!) Check out these great new pieces that arrived just in time for your weekend visit.

Sports fans, this one’s for you. Who says you need tickets to feel like you’re part of the game? Pop this set of vintage stadium seats in front of your big screen TV, put on your favorite jersey and giant foam finger, and get ready to do the wave! Visit us this weekend, and you could have them home in time to watch the Eagles beat the Broncos (just a hunch).

The “Alexa” chair is available in three
great upholstery finishes (2 leather, 1 fabric).

For the less enthusiastic sports spectators, we have something a little less authentic (and a lot more comfortable!). Meet the “Alexa” chair, your new best friend. Come try her out this weekend (and the new leather “Parker” chair, too), but I’m warning you–you’re gonna want to take her home with you. She’s not going anywhere, but we’ll order you your very own–perhaps the matching sofa and ottoman, too!

There’s lots more to see, so put Vintage Home on your “To-Do” list this weekend. Our doors are open Saturday 10am-5pm and Sunday 12-4pm. See you at the shop!


Fall Fragrances Have Arrived!

Reluctant to jump into Fall? Cold weather, sun glare, school buses, parent-teacher conferences–who needs it? Of course, there’s also apple cider, hay rides, pumpkins patches, and turkey dinners. Are you starting to remember why you like Fall? 

Linnea’s Lights is our new line of hand-
poured soy candles that you’re sure to love!
If you need a little more inspiration, come check out our new selection of soy candles–they’re sure to put you a Fall-friendly mood…
My picks: I’m torn between Soy’phisticated Candles’ “Almond Pastries”and Linnea’s Lights’ “Pumpkin.” They make the house smell like someone’s in the kitchen baking (without the mess or the regret!)
Our soy candles make great hostess and teacher gifts, so swing by the shop to stock up on all our Fall fragrances. And don’t forget to treat yourself to one (or two!) of your favorites.


My New Favorite Things!

If you know Vintage Home, than you know there is always something exciting waiting inside! I’m Kathy, your VH blogger and one of the lucky ones who spends most of their time at the shop, so I get to see everything that comes and goes. I am always falling in love with this piece and then that one–and heartbroken to see them go. But I can’t fit every great piece in a one-bedroom apartment, so I’ll just have to help them find a great home. Here are the newest loves of my life–and maybe yours, too.

I want to design a whole kitchen around this stunning antique pine hutch! The picture doesn’t do it justice, trust me. The glass paned doors are beautifully etched in two unique designs that are worth a trip to the shop.

This leather wing back chair doesn’t just look great–it’s comfy, too! I’ll admit, when no one’s looking, I’ll take a quick power nap in this beauty. Just kidding–there’s never any time! We can order you your very own to take home in just 3-4 weeks.

A quick as it came in, this awesome vintage drafting table went out! If you didn’t get to see it in person, you can take my word for it–this was one cool piece. Stop by the shop as often as you can, so you don’t miss out on our next great find.

You know my picks of the week–what are yours? Stop by the shop this week–we’re open Mon-Sat from 10am to 5pm and Sun from 12 to 4pm–and tell us what pieces you’re obsessed. Better yet, why not take them home?