Small Shop, Big Finds!

Whether you ventured out before dawn or slept through Black Friday like I did (I was recovering from all that cooking!), I hope to see you all at Vintage Home tomorrow. Why? It’s Small Business Saturday, and we want to celebrate! We’ll be serving cookies and other goodies (Yum!), plus you’ll earn a chance to win a $100 gift certificate to your favorite neighborhood shop–Vintage Home!

And if those aren’t enough, here are a few more BIG reasons to shop Vintage Home this weekend:

1. Closet space. This charming country pine armoire is perfect for storing your extra linens.

2. Closet space. This stylish whitewashed pine armoire has shelves for all your sweaters or shoes.

3. And more closet space! This beautiful French Provencial armoire may just hold your entire wardrobe! (Or in my case, one whole season…)

Find what your house doesn’t have–or doesn’t have enough of (like closet space!)–at Vintage Home! We’re open seven days a week to help you make your house a functional and fashionable home.


The Thanksgiving Table…And Chairs!

If you’re hosting Thanksgiving this year, there’s probably two things on your mind: “I really hope I don’t burn the turkey” and “Where is everyone going to sit?!” I can’t help you with the turkey–the most I’ve done is shove the stuffing inside–but I do know where you can find extra seating at the last minute: Vintage Home! 

We have an awesome selection of dining room chairs–both formal and casual, traditional and modern. Now is the best time to find the extra seating you need, and its just in time for the most important meal of the year!

If you ever dined at Le Bec-Fin, you may recognize these
beautiful blue velvet chairs. Recreate that dining experience
by taking home a piece of this former Philadelphia landmark.
These French Country upholstered chairs
are pretty, comfortable, and they look great
with so many different tables!

For a really big crowd, you might want to consider
using a bench. Have your guests get cozy to
 maximize the space around your table.
We didn’t forget the kiddie table! These petite vintage
chairs are perfect for your smallest guests!
When you run out to the grocery store this afternoon, swing by the shop and pick up the extra seating you need. Plus, we have a great selection of vintage dinnerware and serving pieces that you can stock up on. Then you can focus on what’s really important–having a great holiday with your family and friends! And, of course, a perfectly cooked turkey.